"Since CNBLUE used to have another bassist before Jungshin, I sometimes wonder whether things would still be the same or different if their original bassist hadn’t left them."

"I wish Yonghwa would sing some of his live songs more seriously where we can here the sweetness of his voice, for example, Love Girl. I get that he’s hyped & loves to yell, but I’d appreciate hearing his smooth vocals at shows."
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"I’m not really a fan of historical dramas but I found myself watching "The Three Musketeers" because I read how Yonghwa was so dedicated in this role. I’m enjoying it so far!"

"International fans are so annoying. Yonghwa literally said on Radio Star that all the dating rumors scare him. Have you ever seen a Korean Boice talks about his private life? No. So cut it out. Respect Yonghwa and CNBLUE and if you must ship, do it on your own privately."

"Jonghyun’s long, parted wavy hair needs to go. It does not look good on him at all."

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"Jonghyun became my bias after I listened to I’ll Forget You. His deep vocals in that song made me melt."

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"I liked Jonghyun’s hair when it was shorter. His long, wavy hair looks bad on him and doesn’t suit him at all."

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"The ship war between Dooliers and Gogumas makes me think of the war between capitalism and communism, with all their spying and invading tweets and forums/chatbox whatnot, their verbal attacks close to bullying, their never ending trolling and the whole I-am-right-you-are-delusional. The question now is which side the two fall into?"

"Yonghwa recently mentioned that he didn’t like seeing his childish side so I just want to let him know that Boices are always here for him. Be yourself. Fans want to know the real you. I like the witty you but Boices wanna know your true self."

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"Rather than Yonghwa and Shinye, I think MinShin is way better. #MSIR"

"I love CNBLUE’s Try Again, Smile Again. Whenever I watch their concert perfs, I love seeing Yonghwa’s face when he’s singing the song. It’s so soothing as if he’s trying to cheer you up and it just expresses his feelings. I get so tearful every time I listen to him sing. The lyrics and his face make me forget about all my problems."

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"I know my own limits as a fangirl. But nowadays, Dang! I’m starting to like Yonghwa not just as a musician or a celebrity. I’m starting to like him as a man! To the point that I imagine dating him and such. I imagine being in bed with him too. (Lol. Just kidding. XD) I even think about him the very moment I wake up and before I go to bed. I know myself it’s impossible to date someone like him though. Reality sucks. Aigoo! I need a doctor!"

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"Can’t Stop was a disappointment to me. I can’t even listen to that song more than twice. I love slow songs and ballads but somehow I can’t bring myself to like Can’t Stop. I wish the boys promoted Diamond Girl instead. That song is really my jam. But this is only my opinion, though. I’m still glad that Can’t Stop promotion was a success."

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"Shippers that go as far as bringing posters of their ship to concerts are definitely not true Boices. We’re here for their music, for their talent, and for THEM. Think about how they feel when they see those posters in the middle of rocking out."