“I’m having mixed emotions with Yonghwa’s upcoming solo album. I just find it too early for him. But don’t worry dear, this won’t make me less as a boice. Well, I think nobody can’t stop him this time.”

“I imagined before how will it be if Jungshin and Kwangjin (CNBLUE’s ex-bassist and now on N.Flying would met. Thanks to CDD 111, I’ll never think of the other way around again. I just hope FNC wouldn’t use this such issue to create publicity for N.Flying’s debut.”

“I’m still waiting for the day that Minhyuk will write (or even only as a co-writer) again a song. Just like how he contributed some in ‘Sweet Holiday’.”

“Lee Jong Hyun is like a drug; hard to take and hard to resist.”

“I ship JongHwa when it comes to their live duet performances :)”

"That episode of Running Man where CNBLUE were the guests as a group was really fun to watch. I was quite disappointed that they got less screen time but it was good to know that they won in the end. I hope the Running Man team will invite them again. :)"

"I hate it when Jungshin or Minhyuk sing underneath Jonghyun’s parts in songs. They are not bad singers alone (they have gotten better since a couple years ago) but they are not good at harmonizing with others. The tones clash and it sounds bad. I thought of this specifically when listening to ‘Can’t Stop’ live. Just please, let only him sing those lines."

No it doesn't make us better fans if we complain about YongSeo shippers at CNBLUE concerts. But it depends on which ones you sit next to. Like at BSLA I sat next to a YongSeo shipper and all I heard was 'This was for Seohyun!' and 'Just date her already' etc etc. It's annoying for some of us. I personally don't hate you ALL, but some of you -- really. Not EVERYTHING yonghwa does, is for Seohyun. At least I dont think. I do think he did love her at one point, but please-- let me enjoy my concert.

In response to this.

1 month ago | 7 notes |
Do u tink yong meet up with shinhye in secret recently?

I have absolutely no clue. I don’t make a habit of looking into his personal life.

1 month ago | 0 notes | answered anonymous admin: sue
I just hope you are not a fake neutral. That is all. ^^

What are you trying to imply? Please be more specific, then we will talk. :)

1 month ago | 0 notes | answered anonymous
as park shin hye fan, i am so thankful for bringing that up ~ shinhye being not a playgirl just because she has a lot of k-pop guy friends, that is so judgmental of that fan.

No problem. :)

1 month ago | 1 notes | answered anonymous admin: sue
Why is that yonghwa is related with shin hye ? I hate that , she is winning the play girl name in Korea I don't want yonghwa to gets hurt because of her

I’m not sure if you’re trolling or being serious here because honestly, I can’t tell. My very first instinct was to ignore your message but while I’m at it….

Why is Yonghwa related to Park Shin Hye? I’m afraid I can’t answer that. All I know is that Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye are very close friends — she’s been to CNBLUE’s concert multiple times and Yonghwa also cares about her a lot. Secondly, just because Park Shin Hye has lots of friends in the Kpop industry, doesn’t make her a playgirl. I don’t see the logic in that? I get that you’re protective of Yonghwa since you’re his fan, but his personal life is frankly, none of our business. 

My advice is: Don’t worry about him, he’s a big man — he knows what he’s doing.

"I ship YongShin : Yonghwa & Jungshin that is."

"I have no single shred of respect to any Boice who complain about Yongseo shippers showing their support at a CNBlue concert. They’re so sickeningly self-important. They act all mighty for not being a shipper, claiming they’re the ones who actually appreciate the music better and care for the boys better. How selfish and arrogant. As if not being a shipper makes you a better fan or know music better."

Boice Confessions Update!


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Hello there fellow Boices! It’s been a long time since we last posted an update and we are truly sorry (from the very bottom of our hearts) for the inactivity of this blog. We have been very busy with our lives and to be honest, we didn’t expect it would get so bad that we had to stop making confessions altogether. To those who sent us asks about our condition, don’t worry, we’re okay! ^_^ Thank you so much for worrying about us though.

Anyhow, we’ve got some great news for you because: we are back! Although, we have to restrict our times on this blog which means that we will only post confessions on the weekends.

And lastly, we have finally reached 1000+ followers here!! Thank you so much for your support. This is really bizarre and we had never thought this blog would actually go so far. So thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep on sending your confessions because we love getting them. Don’t ever stop supporting CNBLUE and Boice Confessions! We love you all.