"Rather than Yonghwa and Shinye, I think MinShin is way better. #MSIR"

"I love CNBLUE’s Try Again, Smile Again. Whenever I watch their concert perfs, I love seeing Yonghwa’s face when he’s singing the song. It’s so soothing as if he’s trying to cheer you up and it just expresses his feelings. I get so tearful every time I listen to him sing. The lyrics and his face make me forget about all my problems."

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"I know my own limits as a fangirl. But nowadays, Dang! I’m starting to like Yonghwa not just as a musician or a celebrity. I’m starting to like him as a man! To the point that I imagine dating him and such. I imagine being in bed with him too. (Lol. Just kidding. XD) I even think about him the very moment I wake up and before I go to bed. I know myself it’s impossible to date someone like him though. Reality sucks. Aigoo! I need a doctor!"

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"Can’t Stop was a disappointment to me. I can’t even listen to that song more than twice. I love slow songs and ballads but somehow I can’t bring myself to like Can’t Stop. I wish the boys promoted Diamond Girl instead. That song is really my jam. But this is only my opinion, though. I’m still glad that Can’t Stop promotion was a success."

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"Shippers that go as far as bringing posters of their ship to concerts are definitely not true Boices. We’re here for their music, for their talent, and for THEM. Think about how they feel when they see those posters in the middle of rocking out."

That "shipping" thing makes me mad. If you ship someone, can you at least do it quietly, because it's getting annoying. Of course, shippers are boices too, but I don't think, that our boys are happy seeing all those shipping baners in their concerts.

"I’ve been shipping Minhyuk and Donghae ever since they were in the same drama together. God, I’m so happy to see their recent selca. At least I know they still contact each other. :3"

"I’m so happy to know that Yonghwa got casted in a drama. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him act and let’s admit it guys, he’s improved a lot. I can’t wait for The Three Musketeers!"

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"I am both sad and upset at those who bash shippers in the boys’ concerts. Doesn’t mean that we are not “true” Boices if we do a fan project or promote our ship. FYI, we also love the boys as much as you love them. We have our own ways of loving them."

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Hey guys! It’s been a little while but we just wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten about this blog! We’re really sorry for the sudden hiatus but our inbox has been empty since the last time we updated, which was about a month ago. We only have about three confessions in our inbox right now, so feel free to send us more! Our askbox is always open for confessions, questions/concerns, or even just to say hi. Remember to read the rules before submitting your confessions. Have a nice day!

"I’ve found my best friend because of CNBLUE. Thanks to these 4 guys. I love her so much!"

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"If there’s one thing I admire a lot about CNBLUE besides their talent for music and looks, it’s definitely their friendship and the camaraderie between the 4 of them ♡"

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"Sometimes I wonder how Jungshin will react if he does meet Nam Joo Hyuk."

I saw a confession about Yonghwa and Seohyun, and I haven't heard anything like that. They both talk about still being close friends and you can see them interact when they happen to be onstage together. They're still friends and Seohyun would never do that to a friend.

In response to this.

"It really hurts me when people say bad things about CNBLUE just because they don’t know them very well and find their music boring. I want people to understand that they always give their fans strength and happiness, they’re like our real family members. I do care about them, so that’s why I truly promise to always protect the boys."

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